February 25, 2010

Toddler Time

Today we shared the story, The Mitten by Jan Brett. This story help teach Narrative Skills, which is the ability to describe things and events and to tell stories. It also names more unusual animals, which help develop Vocabulary. Children hear more unusual words in books than they do in conversation or on TV. A child who knows many words has an easier time learning to read. So enjoy reading together, discuss unfamiliar words in the story with your child, and have fun retelling stories together!
Jan Brett's website has many activities that relate to her books. A fun one for The Mitten is Put the Animals in the Mitten. Just click on the link and have fun helping your child talk about the story and retell it.
For more books that will help you teach your child Narrative Skills, click on the link, 'Recommended Books for Preschoolers' and, of course, ask your librarian, too!

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