May 2, 2012

Reading Together

In Preschool Story Hour on April 17, we enjoyed stories about kites. For the craft, we made our own kites by stitching with multicolored yarn. This type of lacing project is good writing practice. I know... some of you are saying, "But that's not writing!" Lacing helps to build eye-hand coordination and also helps to strengthen muscles in the fingers and hands... all very important for learning to write. And it's fun! (Even if the stitching doesn't quite work exactly like it should!)

This month, we're focusing on Reading Together. If there is one most important way to help your child get ready to read, this is it! Reading together shows your child that reading is important enough for you to take time out of a busy day. Reading together gives your child your full attention and gives you a chance to enjoy books together.
There is no right or wrong with reading together. Choose books that you both enjoy. If your child loves dinosaurs, then read about dinosaurs. If you enjoy reading princess stories together, then those are great. The point is, that you are reading! And if you're having a bad day or just not getting into a book, there is nothing wrong with putting it aside and moving on to something else. We want our children to see that reading is fun!

This week, the preschoolers enjoyed an imagination story time. For a craft, we had art supplies set out on the table and the children were told to make whatever they wanted... to be creative. We had all sorts of creations and wanted to keep the fun going. So the activity is set up in the children's section. Please stop in and create and tell us about what you and your child made!

Library Lion is answering the letters he's receiving from boys and girls. Check out the board to see if he's answered yours!

Library Lion would love to know about your child's favorite books and what you are reading together!

Join us for these Upcoming Programs:

Friday, May 4: Mother Goose on the Loose, 10:30 am
Monday, May 7: Puppet Pizzazz, Mother's Day Fun, 6:30pm

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