September 14, 2012

Mother Goose on the Loose

Our babies met last week for Mother Goose on the Loose. The babies and their caregivers enjoyed singing, doing rhymes and dancing with Miss Holly.

BUT we have a problem! 

We have sooooooo many babies coming that we don't have time to do everything! So, we are going to add another session.

On the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month, we'll have our normal 10:30 am session. Then, at 11:30, we'll do it all again!

So, if your child likes those early morning naps and you feel bad waking him up, you may find that 11:30 will work better for you. Or if mornings are just chaotic and you find that you run a little late for that 10:30 session, join us at 11:30. We aren't asking you to pick one session for all time, either.

We're just hoping to make the library experience as good as we can for all our babies and their grown ups!

I often wish that I could remember the words to a song I heard. But by the time I get home and get busy, I tend to forget. So, we're going to start posting one or two rhymes after every session.

Old Mother Goose
Old Mother Goose, when she wanted to wander,
Would fly through the air on her very fine gander!

Two Little Blackbirds
Two Little Blackbirds sitting on a cloud,
One named Soft, the other named LOUD!
Fly away Soft, fly away LOUD!
Come back Soft, come back LOUD!

Join us on September 21 for our next session! Remember... 10:30 OR 11:30 am!


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