November 7, 2012

Learning Spaces

In the Cedar Lake library, we have set up spaces for children to practice and learn the skills emphasized in Every Child Ready to Read. For example, there are places to place with puppets and flannel boards, which work on storytelling or Narrative skills. The crafts help children work on the practice of Writing. There are cozy chairs for children to sit in as well as the window seats to enjoy a book together.

You can easily set up similar spaces at home. Create a special space for your child to look at books. This can be as simple as a special chair with a few comfy pillows and a basket to keep favorite books nearby. Try to make sure that there is enough room for you to share that space with your child.

 Set up a place where your child can practice writing skills. A small desk or a table where paper, crayons and markers will work well. Write notes to your child and leave them there. Display what your child writes and draws.

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