January 2, 2013

For a Love of Books

Do you ever wonder what books are the best for your child? Do you wonder if you're reading the books your preschooler needs to hear?  There are so many lists of "must read" books for children, where do you start? And what if your child doesn't like the "best books" that you see displayed?

If this sounds like you, don't worry! The answer is, you probably are doing what you need to if you're reading together.

One of the building blocks of getting ready to learn to read is Print Motivation, which is the Every Child Read to Read description for enjoying books. Which books will teach that love?

Any your child enjoys! It really is that simple.

Does your child love dinosaurs? Then choose books about dinosaurs. Does your child like to learn about "real" farm animals... then hit the nonfiction section! Fairies? Poems? Silly stories? Songs? We've got them all at the library and they're all good for your child!

Children who establish reading and books as fun activities are likely to find learning to read easier than children who don't. So whatever books you read together are helpful. And the other skills will come naturally. It works like this...

Talk about the books. Have your child retell the story. Talk about the colors and shapes in the illustrations. Show your child how to treat the books. Encourage your child to draw their favorite thing about the book... or "write" part of the story. If there's a tune to the book, sing it together with all your might. (Remember, your child will treasure the time together and won't care whether you have a great singing voice!) If it's a book they love, it will often find its way into your child's play. And no, you don't have to do all that for every book!

Don't ever feel like you have to read a book just because someone has told you it's a good one! And if you start reading a book and your child doesn't enjoy it, don't feel like you have to finish it! Just enjoy the time you spend reading with your child!

What are some books that you enjoy reading with your child?

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