October 8, 2013

Getting Ready to Read by Playing

Playing and pretending are great ways to get ready to read! Puppets and stuffed animals are a simple way to act out and pretend to be part of a story.

After reading a story, encourage your child to use toys or puppets to act out the story. Puppets can be anywhere from the really fancy store-bought puppets to something as simple as a paper bag with a face drawn on it. And they don't even have to match the story.

Ask your child to tell you about what he's playing. When he tells you the story, he's developing important Narrative skills. You can also add to the story and expand on their answers. For example, "Why did the frog jump in the water when he met the crocodile?" You may even be able to add some new words to his vocabulary.

Not sure what book to read? Come on in to the library! I'm sure we can help you find something both you and your child will love!

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