May 5, 2014

Dancing at the Library

Last week we had our first preschool Dance Party! Children from a year old up to 6 had lots of fun dancing to some of our favorite songs and learned a few new ones.

Some of the favorite songs came from Jim Gill and Laurie Berkner. There were three cousins who get so excited every time they hear Jim Gill's Swing Your Partner. And for the first time, we danced to Laurie Berkner's "Goldfish," which I see making regular appearances in the future. We danced with scarves and maracas and did some of the classics, like the Hokey Pokey.

Why dancing at the library? Music helps children to hear and feel the rhythm of words, an important skill for learning to read.  Also, we want children to associate the library and books with good memories, so playing and having fun are always appropriate.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Dance Party comes back sometime, so keep a lookout!

Programs this week:

Tuesday, May 6, 10:30am or 1:00pm: Preschool Storyhour for children ages 4-5 (and independent 3s)
Thursday, May 8, 10:30am: Toddler Time for children ages 2-3 and a caregiver

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