November 4, 2014

Reading & Fun!: Every Child Ready to Read

In October we put our nose in a book with the rest of Indiana for National Literacy Day! Check out the fun reading times!

YOU can help your child enjoy reading and books. That's Print Motivation--enjoying books and reading and one of the 6 essential pre-reading skills children must have in order to learn to read. So read to your child from infancy, but ALWAYS keep it fun! To a baby books are toys—let him play with it. You might gently take it out of his mouth and open it and say, “Let’s see what’s in this book.” Make book sharing a special time, but share books when your child is ‘in the mood’ and stop if he becomes fussy or loses interest—try again later. Even a few minutes a day is important. Research shows that children who are read to often start school with better language skills and knowing more vocabulary. Every Child Ready to Read makes these suggestions to help your child develop good Print Motivation: read to your child, even for short amounts of time; let your child see you reading; point out signs and make a game of it; visit the library often & make it fun; attend library programs for you & your child.
Remember, children who enjoy being read to will WANT to learn how to read!

At the Cedar Lake Branch we have early literacy activities during all open hours. We also feature STEAM activities & experiments--fun learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math.

 Check out all the library events and classes that are offered each week @ the library:

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