January 28, 2010

Toddler Time

Today's Toddler Time stressed Narrative Skills.
  • We read Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London. Children particpated by repeating recurring phrases. Then they helped retell the story by naming the clothes our 'stuffed froggy' needed to put on before going out in the snow.
  • We read Sitting Down to Eat by Bill Harley. Children helped by participating and counting all the animals that came to eat. We enjoyed a retelling by playing with the parachute while listening to the song based on the book. We added each animal as the song named it and bounced them all up and down in the parachute
  • We made a 'froggy' puppet to help chldren remember the first story & have fun telling their own.

Some things parents and children can do at home to teach Narrative Skills:

  • Encourage participation as you read a story. Children can repeat phrases, make animal sounds, count, or even predict what will happen.
  • Have fun helping your child retell the story. You might use puppets or stuffed animals or draw pictures.
  • Ask your librarian for more ideas and suggestions for books that will help you teach this critical early literacy skill and...
  • Most important of all--keep it fun for you both!

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