February 3, 2010

Preschool Storyhour

Today in preschool storyhour we stressed Narrative Skills, which is the ability to describe things and events as well as stories. These skills help children understand what they read.
Bearsie Bear and the Surprise Sleepover Party is a good book for working on narrative skills. Children can tell about the different animals that came to Bearsie Bear's house to get out of the snow. They can also tell about why Porcupine had to go under the bed to sleep. Ask your librarian for suggestions for other books that will help you teach your child Narrative Skills.
Some simple ways to work on Narrative Skills at home are:
  • Let your child tell you about a picture he has drawn. Ask questions, such as "What's happening?'
  • Ask your child to tell you about his or her day.

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