May 28, 2010

Storytime Fun & Every Child Ready to Read: Print Awareness

Your child will learn to read more easily if he or she already connects print with meaningful words. Help your child become aware of print. It’s easy! Print is everywhere!

  • In story time today we played a game with a stop sign and a go sign. Point out signs—stop signs, the sign for the grocery store, McDonald’s, and so on. He will learn to associate the words with meaning.
  • When you are reading to her, occasionally run your finger under the words, especially words that are repeated throughout the story.
  • Your child can help you make a grocery list. As you find the items at the store, your child can put a line through that word on the list.
  • Encourage your child to retell a story you have read to him. She can ‘read’ the book to favorite stuffed animals.
  • Have fun! You are helping your child learn that print has meaning and teaching him or her an essential early literacy skill.

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