May 3, 2010

Preschool Storyhour in May

May's storytime helped teach children Vocabulary, which is knowing the names of things. This pre-reading skill is essential because the more words children hear and understand, the more ready they will be to read on their own. A child has a much easier time learning to read a word he already knows. Books offer words that children will not hear in everyday conversation or on television.
Slowly, Slowly, slowly, Said the Sloth by Eric Carle introduces children to animals they may not already know along with a variety of options for the word, "slow."
A few tips for working on vocabulary with your child:
*When you are at the gorcery store and other places, point out new things and explain what they are used for. Use words like 'grocery cart' and 'plastic bag' as you shop.
*Call things what they are. If you know a flower by its name, such as 'rose' or 'daffadil', use that word.
For a list of books that help teach vocabulary, click here or go to the library's website at and click on 'Kids" and then on 'Every Child Ready to Read'.
Ask your librarian for more suggestions. We can all help 'get your child ready to read'!

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